From Fox 7's Good Day Austin to our actual CD release party, you all made it amazing! Just a note to say we appreciate you. Keep sharing your photos and videos, and feel free to post them directly on our Facebook community page:

See you this Friday at our CD Release event! Friday, May 2, we'll host our CD release party for Behind the Curtain in Austin, Texas at the original Austin Java, 7-9pm, 1206 Parkway. Tickets are available at door: $12 w/ signed CD, $6 no CD, Free for 15 & under. Watch us live on-air that morning  on Austin's FOX 7 at 9:45am! Updates on

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Our band comes together this Friday, February 21, for another show at Opal Divine's Davenport in Austin, Texas, just south of the 360 bridge. Join us for some tunes intended for your soul. 9-11pm

Check out our press reviews of Behind the Curtain, our next CD to release l. Stay tuned!

Welcome to our band practice.

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I spend a lot of time with people. Talking, listening, laughing, studying.. If I could make a broad stroke to paintbrush the world the way I want, it'd be give everyone (including myself) the faith to trust what they know inside.

I watch as we rationalize away what we feel inside in place of outside truths that are more easily validated by others. But here's the issue with that - they're not you. None of us are. And if you believe in one person in this world, make it you. Because all those unique ideas, and ways of processing this world, won't grow anywhere else. So either you show up to your life to represent yourself, or you don't. What's it going to be?


:) Havilah Tower

Yesterday I was driving to a going away party when I got a call that a therapist I know passed away. He was the coolest, quirkiest 85 year old therapist on planet earth. It was a sad piece of news and words don't do these things justice. Suffice to say we'll miss him immensely.

That's the thing about death. Even when you believe in more, it does not take away the sting of not getting to see and talk to a person anymore.  

What I appreciated most about this person is that he did things his way, and with a sense of humor intact coupled with an intelligent mind. 

Pretty sure the ocean is calling our name. I'm looking forward to playing music next to a beautiful body of water. This picture says it all. #oceanbound

Every now and again, let your spirit do the talking.

Best. movie. ever. Better off Dead with John Cusack.

(Auntie Mame is my favorite but that's another post).

Today I got to do my absolute favorite thing in the world...diving for the frisbee on the ocean shore. I have forever claimed, whenever someone should ask, that this is my favorite thing in the world. Havilah and Steve played frisbee on the beach with me on one band trip to Port Aransas a few years ago.  They always give me grief for swimming so far out into the ocean without a care that day...I guess I just like to see how deep I can go, how far I can fly. What's your favorite thing in the world?

iPad for music creation? I say, very much so.

I have been (and still am) an Android lover, but when I was faced with the choice of what tablet to get, I decided to go with an iPad to see how the other half lived. My main reason for getting it was that, as far as I could tell, the music creation apps were far superior than what is currently offered on the Android platforms. I have now owned it for about 4 months and I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.

As for music creation, I started with 'Garage Band', then added 'Auria', 'AudioBus' and 'VocaLive'. All really fun and useful apps to make wonderful sounds with.  I now have the Focusrite iTrack on the way and I'm looking forward to doing some live recordings. I am also very interested in taking the next step to using the iPad for live shows...but we'll start with practices first.

If you are using your iPad or other device for music creation, I'd love to hear what you are doing.


'Live as if you've already won the lottery - because just being here, right now, is pretty special.' 

Thanks in large part to the people behind the technologies and ideas that drive social media, we've moved from a world of fewer communication channels and less access, to one where we share ideas more freely and have the ability to connect directly with each other to discuss things that matter - and don't. It's a new world in so many ways and we've barely touched the surface.

Happy 4th of July -- a nod to our freedoms in this world!

We're on Instagram! :) 

I played solo cello for my cousin's wedding ceremony about a month ago.  This was my first and only time playing for a wedding ceremony, so I learned the traditional "Here Comes the Bride" and the "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn, per my cousin's request.  My cousin (the bride) also gave me the freedom to play anything I wanted while the wedding party walked the aisle.  I chose to play my cello rendition of Phish's "Billy Breathes". Some were surprised when I told them I was going to play a Phish song for the wedding, but I thought it suited the occasion really well.  Here's a link to the song, let us know if you can picture the ring boy and the flower girl marching down the aisle to this:

Russell Brand - aka @rustyrockets -  was recently on MSNBC (as I am certain you know). It was a good watch, but I especially enjoyed the green room footage after the show where he talked about meditation. It appears to me that he wants to make a place at the table for authenticity. It resonates with me, and yes, it made me want to see Messiah Complex. No stops in Austin though and I don't have a ticket to fly to Abu Dhabi. So if you see it, share your experience. I really am curious. Bet its going to be good. :)

Have you ever wondered if the red that you see looks like the red I see? I've pondered this over the years and came across this video yesterday that discussed it very well. Check it out.

I'd be curious to hear what you think.

In short, I don't know. Where do the songs come from? It started when I was little. I shared a room with my sister. I would make up songs. Mostly sad songs. To me, this is normal. I love creating songs. The lyrics, the melody - all of it. I love the the feeling of inspiration that comes with the process - it's unparalleled to most other experiences I've had in my life. It's a very focused, zen, quiet space where the only thing that matters is what's in front of me.

I've been told it's not normal to just make up songs so easily but that's not been true in my life. The words and melodies are not shy about showing up. And the songs move me like they (hopefully) move others. Music has always done that. My music gives me a channel to express emotions and ideas, and an opportunity to connect with people through the songs. 

During my high school years, I worked at a record store for a time. The store regional manager was given tickets to an Edie Brickell show which I got to attend. It was a small venue. It was a first for me given that I didn't go see shows and had not dived into her work other than the popular songs we played at the store.

Her music spoke to me. A storyteller with an acoustic guitar and something interesting to say. I recall @LyleLovett was at that show. I know this because he inadvertently took the seat of our manager -- although if you're going to have your seat taken by someone, might as well be Lyle. As I recall, he was fine with it.

Anyway, my point is I remember feeling inspiration that night. Her music spoke to me.

And it was not lost on me that two of my first musical inspirations later came together as a couple. As I mentioned, one of my early musical inspirations was Simon & Garfunkle, thanks in part to my kindergarten teacher. Later, both @PaulSimonMusic and @ediebrickell became a couple -- which makes their house one big musical inspiration to me.

If you like Edie's work as well -- Steve Martin and Edie Brickell are now collaborating together musically. @HuffPost has a cute story on the duo's first experience together collaborating on music.

Listen. Sometimes life gets a little wonky. Knocks people off their game. Throws you for a loop. You forget who you are, what you're all about. Don't get caught up. Just take a deep breath. Do something to remind yourself of who you are and plug back in. It's all good. Pretty certain we're all here to learn.

I went to a private kindergarten in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The rest of my schooling was public but for some reason this was my start into education. My favorite days were when the teacher played the Simon & Garfunkle record during naptime. The music moved me. Even today, I can hear a song from their greatest hits and it takes me right back. Snacks, music and naptime -- not a bad start. :)

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